A newly taken photo of myself..

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As can be concluded from the picture, I am a mature man in my best ages. I keep the body fit through yoga and orienteering - and in the last few years I have spent many hours finding out more about who I am, accepting and integrating this, and continuing my personal development on both psychological and spiritual levels.

The last few years have meant big changes in my life. They have been fabulous, fantastic and exiting. And it just goes on! After having fulfilled one dream - May and I have bought a house, to which we moved in the middle of June 2003 - it was time to fulfil the next in August 2005. We moved to Strömstad and May's son Viktor moved in with us (alternating living with his dad Ulf).

The front of our house to the left. Not entirely comparable to our previous living, is it? But it's good for Viktor, close to the town centre in an area with terrace houses - with lots of children in the same age. It's also close to the forest and to the sea. The front, where you will find the kitchen, faces east. In the back there is a large wooden plateau with afternoon and evening sun, nice for evening meals and sun bathing. And we do not have much of a garden to take care of.

Another big change in my life has already been ongoing for a couple of years, and will surely continue a few more. It's about my professional life. After more than 20 years in different positions in Ericsson (and Telia), both in Sweden and abroad, I took a brave and huge step (in my view)  in the beginning of 2001 and left "the safety" of Ericsson to seek new challenges (as the wording goes). I joke about being let out on parole for good behaviour. I have realized that I am interested in helping people reach the results they want to, both at work and in life as a whole, and companies/organizations to develop quicker towards their objectives. Then one year later I took a new step and started my own business - .

I had since 1998 taken interest in a problem solving and analysis methods called "The Theory Of Constraints" (TOC) - not only in the solution for projects, Critical Chain, but also the full concept and its tools for personal development and leadership. This then laid me to becoming more and more interested in the inner journey we humans make when we turn inwards, and the joy there is in meeting each other when we accept who we are - in our similarities and differences.. I have learnt a great deal by studying Gestalt Therapy, both individually and in a group. In June 2004 I finished the Psychosyntesis therapist  training program of HumaNova in Stockholm and I am now taking clients.

The big changes in my life take place thanks to and together with May - the wonderful woman I live together with since the beginning of 2003. Now Viktor has moved in with us and another guru is helping me to meet myself.

May is holding an international diploma as a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. We met at the first Swedish yoga festival I attended. She is giving classes in kundalini yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.


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Updated: 6 September, 2005