– my life as a consultant and therapist

After spending many long and happy years in the telecom business (started in January 1979 with Ellemtel, Ericsson's and Telia's joint development company and then through Televerket to Ericsson in June 1987) I made a radical change in the beginning of 2001. At first, startubg to work as a consultant. This I now do as self-employed in my own business Nescio  - which of course is really exciting. 

I also went through three years of training to become therapist with HumaNova in Stockholm. I finished in June 2004, except for the exam paper which wasn't ready until June 2005. The kind of therapy I offer is based on psycho synthesis, a modern transpersonal psychology. In the transpersonal approach our spiritual aspect is expressed and there is room for the existential questions. Having moved to Strömstad I focus on clients from surrounding areas, including cross-border Norway. 

I meet my clients in ATMA Center (sorry, Swedish only), a center for health and awareness that May and myself have opened in Strömstad and run together.

The other leg in my company is management consulting, mainly based on Critical Chain, and in this business I work very closely with Velocity Management Group (VMG). Read more about Critical Chain and the Theory Of Constraints, TOC, on their home page or on this site.

To complement my own business I work more and more in the school as a substitute teacher. This is very rewarding and something I really enjoy!

Updated: 1 October, 2006