– some of the things I do outside work

 During spring 2000 I took a series of Kundalini Yoga classes, sponsored by Ericsson. The following summer I went on a "Yoga festival" that lasted for a week, and since then I am a dedicated "yogi". The ambition is to have a session of yoga and meditation every morning together with May. I occasionally deputize for her in her yoga classes.
 A major interest is orienteering, which I have been doing since I was 13 years old.. If you want to know more about orienteering in general check out the web site of the International Orienteering Federation, a good starting point for a venture out in the world of orienteering.
SSK Logo I am a member of Snättringe SK - the orienteering club in Huddinge. We proud ourselves of being one of the larger clubs in the Stockholm area, with our strength being in activities for youngsters and in organizing major orienteering events. As many other club members I have throughout the years worked in various club committees.
 Having moved to Strömstad, I have joined Idefjordens SK, the local orienteering club. It's a small club with lots of ambitions, and I try to contribute the best I can.
Wintry landscape from the Swedish mountains This picture represents my general interest in outdoor activities. Wintertime I enjoy cross country skiing (did the 90 km Vasaloppet in 2002), long distance skating on lakes and telemark downhill skiing. Summertime I run in the forest, hunting control marks or just to get fit. Sometimes I walk at a more leisurely pace, e.g. picking mushrooms or berries. I have also been into Scuba diving, maybe it's time to take up this again. A few years ago I tested kayak and I intend to do it again. Hill walking in the Swedish mountains is another interest, and I have also hiked in Nepal, Argentine, Chile, Great Britain and Ireland (in the order of altitude).
 In September 2002 May and I went to India for two weeks. We spent the first week in an ashram (appr. spiritual centre), and the second in a small coastal town south of Madras on India's east coast (nowadays called Chennai) by the name of Mamallapuram. Here we met, by coincidence (?), a man called Stephen Nesaraj who is running a children's home for orphans and disabled children. 

We returned to India and visited the orphanage in January 2004.

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Updated: 1 October 2006